Little Creatures is looking for partners as it develops films with and for young children. It is seeking start-up funding from angel investors for the continuation of its first phase of growth (2009 - 2011), which will support the making of an innovative feature-length film documenting children discovering and playing with similar objects in natural settings around the world, and a short film depicting a mystery about a group of children's discovery of a shipwreck along the Brooklyn waterfront.  Little Creatures welcomes partners who would like to facilitate the growth of a completely revolutionary type of children's media, something more beautiful, powerful, authentic and poetic than anything currently on the market.

Benefits for Funders: Little Creatures is positioned to benefit greatly from start-up funding. This innovative film company stands to make a name for itself as a new voice in family entertainment, particularly in homes that value children’s authentic voice, in contrast to the stories given to them by current commercial children’s media. This venture will do well in public schools as well, thanks to a buy-in from teachers and professors who believe in the theory, as informed by Kristin’s research on the vital nature of children’s imaginative play.  The films also hold great potential for the art/museum market, in that they incorporate a fine art aesthetic, including symbolism of color and objects, and a range of conceptual and mythic ideas.  Kristin looks forward to the opportunities that funding and mentoring will bring, as she builds Little Creatures to be the best new children’s film company on the market.

If you are a funder interested in supporting Little Creatures, please contact Kristin B. Eno, and request to see a business plan.



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